Create Private Spaces

Create one to one private spaces with the people that matter the most to you, Each space is unique to that particular person you created it for. No more scrolling through clutured feed of unwanted posts,each private space you create will feel personal to you.

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Share Privately

Share photos, notes, music with each other without worrying about likes comments or views. Every space is private and cannot be viewed by any other person. Every space is home to unique interests that you have with each other.

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Have Unique Conversations

Chat privately with each other within your spaces. Unlike current messaging platform, Here you can save important conversations to your space and never worry about losing a converstaion again. No more scrolling through hundreds of messages trying to find old conversations.

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Channels And Micro Apps

Add your favorite blogs and media you follow into your channels, Use micro apps to book tickets ,Shop online or Hail a ride etc.

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